Monday, January 3, 2011

Fall and all it's bounty

Besides having the most remarkable food Fall is gorgeous especially in the Northwest. I know some may beg to differ after all the East coast does put up a pretty good argument but the one fighting argument for the Northwest's fall is that it lasts forever. Temperatures are hot and cool enough, the food is glorious and with the softened light of the fall sun the colors all around us are magical. I for one cannot get enough of the food. Tomatoes to be exact. Ashley brought me these (pictured above) from her massive green house filled of scrumptious varieties of tomatoes. But these, these....are the sweetest, most tastiest and are sweet enough to pick right off the vine or mix them with olives, feta cheese, a sprinkling of olive oil (basil or thyme or whatever herb you have on hand) broil and feast. Lovely.
Another good thing about Northwest falls is that the hiking is grand. Brown came to watch Rachel's kids while Rachel and Andy had a quick trip to NY for Andy's sisters wedding. Well for a trip to NY I may forgo a Northwest fall - but that may be the only thing. I can't remember the falls we hiked to that day but it was really nice, the kids were GREAT and fun was had by all.
All the kids walked on their own even Bella. I only had to hold Sof at the end when the blisters on her heels were too much to handle. I was a little too slow in getting her the correct size boot. I payed for it believe me. I carried her on my shoulders.
At the end we stopped to have lunch and let the kids play in the river.
See that rock (above picture) I had just asked Sofie to get off it because it was too slick and she was making me so nervous - after all she is a bit of a klutz - not unlike me. Well she did slip and through the grace of God she fell directly into that little space between the log and the rock. Nothing on her was hurt only perhaps a bruised ego. I'm telling you complete miracle.
Aunt Cydney cuddled her and wrapped her up in Eliza's sweater. Ice cream cleared up the slight drama for everyone.
All boy.
Sam and Drew exploring
The imagination is a hard thing to beat. Here is Sam's "robot" he made out of things found in our recycle bin.
Looks like mom didn't make the cut.
Sofie in her gymnastics leotard. We don't usually keep the undies on during the class but this was our initial try on to see if we liked it. We did. Another plus about fall - gymnastics!

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